Download Android USB Drivers For Windows For Samsung, HTC or Any Other Phone

If you want to connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable, then you will need that Android device specific USB drivers installed on your computer already.

If you have a Linux based operating system installed on your computer, then probably you can directly connect your Android phone to your computer via USB and it will work fine. This is because Android itself has a Linux core and it shares certain device level implementations with most versions of Linux operating system. This applies for Mac also, as it also runs on a Linux based operating system (OS X).

But if you have a Windows based computer, then you will probably need device specific drivers to connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable.


Newer versions of Windows OS, like Windows 7, do come with pre-installed drivers for certain Android devices. These drivers are most reliable as they come directly from OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

Also, if your phone manufacturer provides some software to connect and manage your Android phone via computer, then its best to install that software. It will automatically install the required USB device drivers on your computer.

If the USB drivers for your Android device are not pre-installed on your Windows computer and no software from manufacturer is available, then you need to manually download and install the necessary USB drivers for your Android phone or tablet.

The problem is that device specific Android USB device drivers for Windows are very hard to find. Also, its not a good idea to download and install Android USB drivers for windows from an un-trusted source for security issues. To solve this issue, we have listed the links to download every available Android USB drivers for Windows below.

Note that as its almost impossible to list the exact link to Android USB drivers for Windows for all the available Android phones and tablets, we have listed the link where you can ‘search and find’ the device driver you need.

If you can’t find the USB driver for your Android device in the list above, or if any of the above link is not working, please contact us and we’ll try to find and add the link to above list. Since the list is constantly updated, subscribe to Zoopable to get notified whenever a new Android driver for Windows is added to the list.

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