SMS Messages Not Working on Your Android Device? Change Message Centre Number To Fix

One of the things that we use most on our Android phones and tablets is to send and receive SMS messages. It can be really annoying if this one feature is not working on your Android device. If you are not able to send or receive SMS messages on your Android phone or tablet, then it may be an issue with the message centre number in your Android device.

Message Centre Number?

If you are a new Android user, then you may probably have never heard of the term, ‘message centre number’. A message centre is basically the middle man who delivers your SMS message to correct destination.

When a user sends a SMS message to another user, the message gets stored in the message service centre, which directs the delivery of the message to the correct destination. An SMS message is stored temporarily in the message center if the recipient device phone is unavailable, and its delivered as soon as the recipient device is available.

Note: It is possible to specify an expiry period after which the SMS message will be deleted from the message center. Once deleted, the SMS will no longer be available for dispatch to the recipient mobile phone.

So you’re not able to send or receive the SMS messages in your Android phone? It can be simply because you don’t have sufficient balance in your Android device, your message pack may have been over or, your message centre number may have be an issue. If you have checked everything else, then correcting the message centre number can fix the issue.

How To Change The Message Centre Number?

First call the customer support of your carrier and get the correct message centre number for your Android device.

Now open ‘Messages’ and go to ‘Menu > Settings’. Now scroll down a bit and click on ‘Message Centre’. Now you need to edit the message centre number here with the correct number you got from the customer support.


Once done, click on ‘OK’ to save the settings. That’s it. Now you can send an SMS message to confirm that its working on your Android device.

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