How To Backup and Restore SMS Messages on Your Android Phone

You may have been collecting sms messages on your android phone for a long time, but you may loose all of them in an instant while applying a custom firmware or while rooting your android phone. Its a good idea to take a backup of all your sms messages from time to time, so that you can restore them on your phone in case you loose them.

You can backup and restore sms messages on your android phone easily using the SMS Back & Restore app. SMS Back & Restore app comes in two versions, free and pro. The only difference in the two versions is that the free one displays some ads.

Using SMS Backup & Restore App

First install the SMS Back & Restore App app from Google Play store. Once the installation is complete, start the app. To create a backup of all the sms messages stored on your android phone, click on backup button. The app will start to create a xml backup file of all the sms messages. Once finished you can give a unique name to the backup file.


In future, if you want to restore sms messages from one of the backup file, just start the app and click on Restore button. Then select the sms backup file you want to restore from the list of all the backup files available on your android phone.

Other then manually creating a backup of all sms messages on your android phone, and restoring it as needed, you can also schedule automatic backup of sms messages. You can also delete old backup files if you don’t need them any more.

Conclusion: Using SMS Back & Restore app is the easiest and fastest way to backup and restore sms messages on your android phone. Download SMS Backup and Restore app now.

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