Android Rooting Guide

Android is currently the most amazing operating system in the market has some unique and powerful stuff in its core that makes it stand away from the crowd. If you think about it, how long it has been for Android presence in the market? Not more than 3 years and still it has just revolutionized the mobile phone industry.

If you are holding an Android device in your hand, probably you must heard of a term Rooting? If you are new to Android world, then you may be thinking what actually is Android rooting? How to Root an Android device? Here’s a complete Android Rooting guide.


What is Android Rooting?

In simple words, Rooting in simple words is gaining ‘super user’ or ‘root’ access to the operating system of your device. The word root came from the Linux and Unix world. In Linux/Unix, the super user or admin account is called root user. Since the Android core is based on Linux, gaining admin access to it is called Rooting Android.

Why You Need to Root Your Android Device?

By default Android operating system doesn’t let you hack its core. For example, you can’t uninstall system apps that came pre-installed in the device. There are some additional things that you can’t do with default Android operating system on your Android device like installing and customizing Android themes, tethering your Android phone with the computer, changing processor speed in Android, installing custom ROMS or changing system files. But you can do all these things once your root your Android device.

Why You Should NOT Root Your Android Device?

If you don’t need super user access on your Android device, don’t root. This is because Rooting an Android device voids the warranty of the device. Also, if you make some mistake while rooting, you may brick your device.

How To Root a Specific Android Device?

Before you try to root your Android phone or tablet, first take a full backup. After that you can proceed to root it. The exact procedure to root a phone or tablet varies from device to device. You can check our Android Rooting articles to find exact details about rooting the device you have.

Hope you got a good idea about Android rooting from this Android Rooting guide. For most common uses of an Android phone or tablet, rooting isn’t necessary. But if you want to push your Android device to limits, you may want to root it. Its up to you to consider the pros and cons of rooting and then decide if you want to root your Android device.

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