Top 5 Best Android Health Apps

These days almost everything is done with the help of computers and apps on smartphones, which is done while sitting on a chair or even resting on your couch. This sedentary lifestyle is causing many health issues.

The solution to this issue is also on your smartphone. Thanks to developers, we now have some good Android health apps that’ll help you get some exercise and monitor your health. Here’s a list of top 5 Android health apps.


Android Health Apps

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Racing for Cardio Trainer

  • racing-cardio-trainer-android-appAs the name suggest this application lets you keep track on your pace of your running as well as the distance you have covered.
  • Gives you motivation literally! It compares you previous lap time as well as the one covered the very day hence motivating you to do well and beating the previous score.
  • Consists of a virtual voice simulator, with a voice telling you how much behind you are from your previous encounter.
  • Detailed list of steps, miles, pace and calories burnt displayed on the screen.
  • Price: $2.99.

Pocket  Yoga

  • Pocket-Yoga-Android-app1-150x150Yoga, a global exercise form famous all over, who thought it would be that easy to learn, well android has the answer.
  • This guide carries and guides you through 27 different positions.
  • 145 different illustrations of poses both with voice instructions.
  • Can simultaneously play music alongside.
  • Allows you to select difficulty.
  • Price: $2.99

SportyPal Pro

  • sportypal-pro-android-appBest workout application with various features.
  • Detailed information on your HR, Speed, calorie burn etc.
  • Includes GPS with real time map which lets you decide your start point and target.
  • Not just jogging, it keeps track on other workouts like cycling, skiing etc.
  • Instant notifications will be delivered to you of your workout regime.
  • Price: Free

Fast Food Calorie Counter

  • fast-food-calorie-counter-android-appThis is another interesting application which is mandatory for all out of control food freaks.
  • It gives you a detailed calorie chart for the food present in various food joints and makes you think twice before having that one dangerous calorie-full bite.
  • It has data stored for over 9000 items from 72 famous fast food restaurants.
  • Calorie, carbohydrate, fat etc details are shown by this application just as the nutritional details put up on a food packet.
  • Price: $1.99

Instant Heart Rate pro

  • instant-heart-rate-pro-android-appIt is a heart rate monitor giving you the rate at which your heart is beating.
  • The best and almost accurate results are shown by this application.
  • You don’t have to run to the clinic for check up each time and just have to place your finger on the camera region of your phone which detects and produces the result in front of you.
  • The result is compared to the average human heart rate and signals you to slow down accordingly.
  • Price: 0.99

These Android health apps are very useful and very simple to use. Having these Apps on Android phone or tablet is like having a personal physical trainer and a mini clicnic in your pocket. Stay Healthy! Also, we will add more Android health apps on this page so don’t forget to subscribe to Zoopable to stay updated.

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